old vs. new!

You would hope that once you install the new version of the Adobe Photoshop, the program software could uninstall the previous version or override its own previous version. But sadly, this does not happen. The version does not override its older version with a result that if the person installing the Creative Suite 5 is interesting in keeping the software after its thirty day trial period, he will have to manually uninstall the previous CS4 version.

Experts in the field believe that this could be a strong point for the company, because a lot of people who will only try the CS5 will not want to remove the CS4 version unless they are a hundred percent satisfied that the newer version is much better in using that the previous one.

Also, being a paid software, a person may always want not revert back to the previous software in case he finds the previous version better than the latest one.

What is new?

The latest version of Adobe does not have any great changes in the user interface and that is because the creators did not want the people to feel re shuffles about the placement of the keys nor start to learn th program all over again. Nevertheless, while there is not much to talk about the user interface in the latest version, it more than makes up that the latest version has loads of features and there is a marked improvement in the existing ones.

A lot of people who work with the software on daily basis think that a complete changeover of the GUI may not really have been the answer but there is still scope for some improvement. But like said already, the software features in the new program are so good that no one is really complaining!

A lot of times, people who use Adobe and Lightroom 3 both tend to compare both the software. Both are similar in scope but Lightroom’s GUI is more peppy and easier to get around. The users think that Adobe’s interface is not too tough neither too mundane. It is just okay to work around it. A group of people also think that because the interface is so familiar, it is easier to work on the program even in high pressure environment as they can concentrate on the task at hand rather than searching for the features, learning where the keys are and also memorizing the keyboard shortcuts.