About Us

Our shareware initiative:

We believe that knowledge when shared doubles and that is why we have started a forum for sharing skills on anything and everything. Normally, the idea of a free ware is to allow the users to get used to a product and then when they become dependent on it to levy a charge on its usage.

In this context, we have many examples of corporate houses that have opted to follow this route but we want to be different. The memorandum of articles of our company itself states that the nature of the company is to share knowledge and at no point of time can the services be made chargeable to the public. However, the cost of the upkeep of the website and maintenance can be drawn from advertisers who opt to advertise with us.

Information is power:

Over the years we have noticed that there is a vacuum for websites that educate and empoewer. There is so much that people may want to know about charged websites but they cannot because the information is again charged. Ours is a small step towards empowering people with the right answers.

Members of the site are encouraged to answer and also vote for the answer. We also have a report a problem button where if the answer or the query itself can be reported if found to contain objectionable matter. The website works on democratic principles and the voice of the majority is heard and determined as right.

Become a member today:

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